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Getting better with practices

The renewed and heightened safety protocols have been developed in accordance with the norms stipulated with the “World Health Organization” (WHO), “Clean and Safe” organization in Portugal as well as the international organization “Safe Travels”.

Training for Safety under the “new normal”

Associates at Masa Group Hotels are extensively trained on safety, hygiene and physical distancing norms our guests’ have a safe and pleasant stay, everytime.

From Touch to Technology (separate pic in attachment)

Technology used for contactless check-ins, check outs and Digital payments.

Required Safety protocols adhered to Hand Sanatizers, Masks , Social Distance markings, digital thermometers , disinfected and sealed of rooms are ways of ensuring that our guests feel safe and comfortable. We have Covid Kits available for every Guests on arrival (mask and hand sanitizer)

Hotel layouts

Layouts for seating and movements within our hotels have been altered to enable physical distancing in Lobbies, elevators, dining areas , services areas and all common spaces